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Health-care Information Technology is not easy to deploy. Pinnacle is known for taking complex projects and delivering simple solutions.

Pinnacle provides all levels of H.I.T. support. We take on projects so our clients can focus on their business.


There is a method to our advanced consulting. We approach every engagement with the following methodology:

  • Assess - Our Consultants assess the current opportunity as the client request. Understanding the "Current State" will help toward all levels of design and build.
  • Create - Each Consultant takes their responsibilities seriously. Each will create a plan to communicate and build whatever the task is at hand.
  • Implement - In collaboration with our clients, each Consultant takes the time to work with the client to implement the change.
  • Protect - Every consultant understands the clients and patients right to private and secure information. All valuable code and data is kept confidential.
  • Test - We know we cannot build in a silo, that is why we encourage our clients to have end user testing of all build items and projects. This assures that all results are as requested and ready for a solid delivery.
  • Train - We work with the clients to make sure that all changes that are made as a result of our work are end user ready. We will work with the training team on any communication or training necessary so that the build is used to its fullest potential and the end users are prepared for its appropriate use.
  • Govern - With every project, there is a set of standards that must be maintained to assure consistency throughout the Healthcare System. We will promote the governance of all the work as it pertains to the project to uphold the Healthcare Systems standards.

"Pinnacle provides timely recommendations on solutions that take full advantage of business and clinical practices while augmenting regulatory compliance."

-V.P., Managed Healtcare Services Provider

"We are proud to be associated with Pinnacle and look forward to working closely with them in expanding our mutual presence in the health care market."

-Senior Executive Vice President, International Healthcare Organization, NYC

Pinnacle helps their Healthcare Clients: MAKE I.T. EASY