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Whether you're looking for a senior officer to carry forth an IT vision for your future or a junior tech to keep your servers humming along, Pinnacle knows just who you need. Our decades of experience in IT recruiting and extensive network of contacts allow us to quickly narrow your search to only the highest quality IT candidates, avoiding the costly delays associated with extended searches.

Pinnacle's professional IT recruiters work only with the most qualified talent. We can execute candidate background checks and assess their skill sets. We know the questions to ask. We know how to spot potential. We know how to bring it to your business.

Our staff has decades of experience in IT management. We have an in-depth and up-to-date awareness of the IT employment market on local, regional and national scales. We can save you the trouble of weeding through applicants and find talent at any level.

Senior IT Officers

Perhaps you need a project manager to orchestrate and direct a major IT undertaking. Perhaps you need a long-term team member with the vision to imagine and implement your company's future IT needs. Pinnacle's IT recruiters can locate the best available senior networking engineers to design and develop your networking and infrastructure needs into the future, and to become a valued member of your business team.

Junior-Level Technicians

When a business reaches a certain size, it's often economically smart to hire your own IT technician-someone who becomes intricately familiar with your needs and your systems. Whether that person is programming, trouble-shooting, managing data security, performing routine but crucial system maintenance or coming aboard for the duration of a specific project, Pinnacle can find the most qualified candidate-and most creative problem-solver-for the job.

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